Work at Tacto

Work at Tacto

🚀 What we do

We are Tacto, a Munich-based startup with a mission to build digital, efficient, and sustainable supply chains. The European economic backbone, 90 thousand mid-sized industrial companies known as the ‘Mittelstand’, faces significant threats from supply chain disruptions and bureaucracy. Tacto is the answer: An operating system for future-proof supply chains designed for mid-sized industrial organizations. Our AI-based software streamlines all procurement workflows, effortlessly ensures compliant and sustainable supply chains, and enables efficient material sourcing with optimal conditions.

At Tacto, we believe that the next wave of technical progress will reshape the industrial world. We see procurement, serving as the gateway to supply chains, as the key value lever in industrial organizations. The complexity of dealing with thousands of suppliers and managing tens of thousands of procured materials per organization to manufacture physical products is ever-increasing. The lack of future-proof tools to navigate this complexity is our opportunity.

🌟 Why it matters

Mid-cap industrials are the backbone of our economy manufacturing every physical good that surrounds us - from board games to medical ventilators to tunnel drilling machines. Supply chain disruptions and bureaucracy threaten the foundation of their business. Our mission is to support them by:

  • 🏭 Powering the industry that builds the world: We lift Europe’s economic backbone to the next era by solving ever-increasing complexity in industrial supply chains with AI
  • 👩🏼‍🏭 Enabling supplier collaboration: We enable powerful collaboration among supplier networks with over €3tn in procurement volume to keep the production running
  • 🌳 Saving resources in supply chains: We optimize the 50-80% of costs and emissions of physical products originating from suppliers to enhance sustainable growth

🔎 What we are looking for

Business & Operations


Engineering & Data


Product & Customer Success

We know that perfect candidates don’t exist and don't have specific "minimum qualifications". We’d love to learn more about you and care about your motivation and ability to shape the industrial future with us - even if you don't fit the role above 100%.

Can’t find the postion you’re looking for?


💜 What we value

One of the key motivations behind Tacto was to build a workplace we would have wished to work at. We embrace a value-driven culture to grow professionally and personally:

  • 💜  Be real: We like everyone for their authentic self being value-driven, humble, and keep our moral compass at all times.
  • 🏆 Eyes on the prize: We focus on achieving the most important outcomes with full ownership no matter how the process to get there looks like.
  • 👩🏼‍🏭 Bias toward action: We execute on ideas with minimum resource usage by forcing uncomfortable decisions and learning along the way.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  Going for ambition: We continuously push ourselves to set ambitious goals, trust ourselves we can reach them and work hard to make it happen.
  • 👁️ Solving for customers: We prioritize maximizing customer value and make room by cutting distractions continuously.
  • 🐧  Support the penguin: We provide a safe space to be vulnerable, embrace each other and strive - privately and professionally.

Nobody's perfect, but we believe everybody can shine under the right circumstances. As we believe in transparency, we want to give you as much information about our beliefs and processes upfront as possible:

Employee benefits
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Faces Behind the Scenes

👻 How we work

Life at Tacto is whatever you want it to be - for us it's essential to build an environment to grow professionally and personally. You will work within a small team together with highly driven founders shaping how we grow as an organization.


👋 Meet the founders

We are Nico, Johannes, and André - the founders of Tacto. We approach problems with curiosity and have technology in our DNA. We met each other while studying together at TUM, CDTM and Berkeley and shared the same belief: AI-first B2B software will shape the next decade while Europe's industrial heritage is the optimal breeding ground for bridging old and new. The time is ripe - so we took action.

In the past, we learned how to build great products and make customers happy at companies such as Palantir, BCG, and BMW. We are backed by best-in-class VCs such as Cherry Ventures, Visionaries Club and UVC Partners as well as Business Angels who built successful tech companies such as Forto, GetYourGuide, Personio, and Helsing.


Nico: 🐕 🏃‍♂️ 🚂 🥨 (Tech & Engineering)


Johannes: 📸 ☕ 🎺 🎧 (Data & Product)


André: 🚴‍♂️ 🌳 ♟️ 🍛 (Business & Operations)

We hope you're impressed by all the fancy names! However, we believe that badges and degrees sound cool, but it's the experiences and stories that matter - therefore we banned all requirements from our job posts. Get to know us to tell us about yours and to find out what Tacto is all about. We love working with exciting people and proactively seek out experiences and opinions that are different from our own.

If you have any questions, are interested in working with us, or just want to chat, shoot us a message on LinkedIn or via Email (,, and We encourage people from groups traditionally underrepresented in tech to apply.